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What the Workshop Offers

The Space-Time Writing Workshop offers participants weekly peer critiques on the first 60-90 pages of their novel or novella, with input from me, the “moderator,” as well. I will also be leading discussions at the beginning of each session on aspects of writing like characterization, structure, and plot. This is less about offering concrete “how-to”s and more about discussing various options in a writer’s toolbox to develop, depending on what kind of story they want to tell. Different cultural traditions and expectations, as well as different genres, offer various avenues of storytelling and it is not my intention to give writers absolutes.

Handouts covering these topics will be made available to all participants via email. We will also cover writing full book/story synopses and query letter pitches, which will also be peer critiqued. Whether you aim to publish traditionally or to self-publish, being able to smartly summarize your work is essential. Synopsis writing can also help to clarify the narrative throughline in your own work, which may on occasion feel overwhelming (novels are multiple moving parts).

Because of the commitment involved, this workshop is primarily intended for writers who have either already published or are aiming to publish their work professionally, although writers who are serious about the craft and want to self-publish are also welcome. All sessions will be conducted over Zoom and all manuscripts must be submitted in .docx or .rtf format.

By participating in the workshop, it is understood and agreed that all manuscripts submitted through the workshop are copyright to the owner and will not be distributed outside of the workshop without permission by the writer.

Karin Lowachee's Space-Time Writing Workshop was a deeply rewarding and transformative experience. Each workshop session included a deep-dive into the participants' submissions for the week, and those critique sessions were incredibly insightful and helpful (and often filled with laughter and sidebar jokes in the chat). Karin provided useful and thoughtful feedback, with a careful focus on the writers' goals and specific concerns about their pieces. Whenever one of us had a question or hit a roadblock in our writing, Karin was always happy to spend time brainstorming solutions and encouraging us through the process.

I went into this workshop with macro-level issues with the manuscript, and at the end of the eight weeks, I made substantial progress in resolving those issues. Karin was kind enough to help us hone our opening chapters (even if it meant she had to read it twice) and identify how to solve the problems we were facing. At the start of the workshop, I was burned out and disillusioned with the manuscript. By the end, I had a clear vision for revising the story and felt empowered to continue writing.

I would highly recommend this workshop for any writer who is passionate about their craft and ready for detailed and comprehensive feedback on their work. Karin was a great teacher, and I can't wait to attend more sessions!

Susanne N.

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