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The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"The Ugly Humanity of The Boys"
Jan/Feb 2024

"Yes, All Men"
Sept/Oct 2023

"Embodying Buddha in After Yang"
May/June 2023

"Boldly Go with The Orville"
Jan/Feb 2023


"Unmasking The Batman"
Sept/Oct 2022

"Little Fish Takes Big Emotional Swings"

May/June 2022

"The Mythic Weird of Raised By Wolves"
Jan/Feb 2022

"Love Death + Robots II Colors Inside the Lines"

Sept/Oct 2021

"The Monsters Within Us"
May/June 2021

"Ending Things the Kaufman Way"
Jan/Feb 2021

"The Devil in Devs"

Sept/Oct 2020

"The Disease of Class Divisions"

May/June 2020

"Ad Astra Per Corde"
Jan/Feb 2020

"Love Death + Some Regression"

Sept/Oct 2019

"Bird Box Never Quite Takes Off"

May/June 2019

Nightmare Magazine

"The H Word: The Necessity of Horror"

October 2018

SF Signal

"Firing with a Full Clip: An Interview with Michael Schwarz"
July 21, 2011


The Best Books on the Personal Impact of War
February 2022

The online creative writing game

Scrapjack world creation

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