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I have a new story called "The Veil Between" that's appearing in the anthology Seasons Between Us: Tales of Identities and Memories!

What is a life well-lived? What decisions will you make to have a meaningful life? What kind of stories will you leave behind?

Travel with twenty-three speculative fiction authors through the seasons of life to capture the memories, identities, and moments of stepping through the portal of change, as they cope with their own journeys of growing older.

From the moment of birth, through each threshold of our lives, to the moment we take our last breath, we age.

Some of us leap into a hopeful future, some cling to the knowns of our former selves, some wander obliviously through the minefields and poppies of change. Something is lost, something is gained in each season. Things forgotten, things remembered.

Seasons Between Us will be out August 8, 2021. More details HERE.

My short story "Survival Guide" was selected for The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2021!

The story first appeared in The Dystopia Triptych: Burn the Ashes, in 2020. It's part of 3 stories showing different stages of a dystopia and my story is centered around looking at dystopia through the eyes of personal grief. As a read, it stands on its own though!

For more details on the other stories selected in the BASFF and where to order, go HERE.

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