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My novella trilogy The Crowns of Ishia will be out with Solaris beginning October 2024 with The Mountain Crown! Pre-Order from major retailers HERE. And read an interview I did with Transfer Orbit about the book.

My book launch for The Mountain Crown will be at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto on Saturday, October, 12 @ 3:00 pm. If you're in the area, stop by!

The definitive reissue of Warchild is NOW AVAILABLE! Check out buy links HERE. The beautiful new cover is by Dale Halvorsen.

"Compelling...a harrowing tale of easy treacheries and difficult loyalties...Lowachee brings her characters to vivid life.

Tim Powers, on Warchild




Jascha Terisov and his broken family are refugees. At three years old, his mining colony was attacked by alien enemies and the destruction thrust his parents, older brother Yuri, and younger sister into separate relief camps on different planets. Though his sister was eventually reunited with him and his mother, Yuri was lost—apparently signed onto a merchant ship as a child.

Now eighteen years later, Jascha works long hours to provide for his sister’s medical care. Life as refugees on Mars is not the promise of stability they were told. When Jascha is approached by covert agents posing as officers from the Department of Justice, they offer him a deal he can’t refuse: go back to deep space to locate his brother Yuri—the monetary compensation will set his family up for life and afford his sister the care she needs. The catch? Yuri is a pirate on the run and this mission threatens to place Jascha in his own brother’s crosshairs.

Matryoshka is the fourth novel based in the universe of the award-winning science fiction mosaic series that began with Warchild.

Karin Lowachee’s “Gold Mountain” stands out as the book’s most effective story, both for its exquisite prose and pacing and because it speaks without cultural failing.

Publisher's Weekly



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