This guide and these words are for the Ki'hade dialect only.

"t" is always silent when adjacent to L
"i" is always pronounced "ee" though in the case of "strit" this is a slurring of "ee" and the short "i" (as it's an EarthHub word)
● "e" at the end of words (sometimes to indicate plural) is always pronounced "ay"
● double vowels mean a longer sound
● vowels at the end of words are always pronounced
● ' means a brief stop, usually imperceptible to Hubside ears

Selected Striviirc-na Words, Names & Phrases

Aaian-na - the place on which we stand (the striviirc-na homeworld)
aa'tlila-na - the place of moving sky (an open air amphitheater)
ae-da - chest guard
Ash S'tlian - youngest son of Markalan Maida and Enas Gray; Niko's brother and second captain of Turundrlar
ayna'ri - please sit
buntla-na - those with no place; displaced; orphan; lost; criminal
daga - rude
dag'rema - belligerence [lit. rude fight]
D'antan o Anil - Ki'redan-na in Nan'hade
De - the indigenous race of striviirc-na in Nan'hade (like saying an Asian person)
Enas Gray/S'tlian - human leader with husband Markalan Maida of the striviirc-na sympathizer movement (planet) against EarthHub
enh - yes
enie-da - arm guards [sing. eni-da]
haen-da - open it [lit. release guard] - kia'redan bae'n sa haen'da ne: the kia'redan bae wants you to open the door
hante'sajie-na - the place of swiftness and silent blades; striv armed kickboxing [hante' for short]
heo - begin (as in a spar, usually an interrogative)
hiaviirc-na - the sacred place
hiaviirc-na bae - the ultimate self [lit. becoming to the place of one's ultimate (sacred) self]
inidrla-na - place of learning
inija-na - place of testing
jii - blade; sword
jii-klala - blade mind
jii-ko - blade style
jii-na - the place of the sword
ka'redan - assassin-priest [pl. ka'redane]
ka'redan-na - assassin-priest caste
kia'redan bae - one without comparison; no other
Ki'hade - First Language of the De
kii'redan - Second Master assassin-priest
ki'jii-ko - the first blade style
ki'redan - First Master assassin-priest
Ki'redan-na - Caste Master [lit. First Master assassin-priest who occupies the (first) place (within the caste)]
ki-ya - the first principle (referring to blade styles)
klala-na - mind place
klal'tloric - mind enemy
lo'oran - being inside (something), ie: knowledge, answers - Mukudori lo'oran: knowledge of Mukudori - haa ta lo'oran: there are the answers - kaa-n sa'oran ne: you want the answers how much
Markalan Maida/S'tlian - human leader with Enas Gray of the striviirc-na sympathizer movement (fleet) against EarthHub; killed in battle
Mra o Hadu - Ash S'tlian's male striv student and classmate of Jos's
na - place; caste
Nan'hade - the place of the De (on which they stand)
Nikolas S'tlian - the Warboy; the eldest son of sympathizers Markalan Maida and Enas Gray
oa ngali... / oa-nadan ngali... - my name is (which usage depends on level in the caste)
okaara - necessary release (in relation to the klal'tloric)
okaara-na - the place of necessary release (implied: sex)
oka'redan - righteous (necessary) killing
ritla - unworthy student
ritlua - worthy student
se'latbe-na - the laborer or engineer caste
shera - stop
sraga - fuck (lit. most or first rude)
S'tlian - First Among Us (the adopted surname of Niko and his family)
striviirc-na - those who stand in the sacred place
S'yra'rem - the one who dares (lit. first fighting heart); Jos' surname bestowed by his teacher Nikolas S'tlian
s'yta-na - dear one [lit. first place of the heart]
Tkata aon Tul - female striviirc-na XO of Niko's ship
tori - please
Turundrlar - Deathstrike (Niko's ship; flagship of the striviirc-na fleet)
u'itlan sastara - the people's victory - ke Nikolas-dan ke u'itlan sastara: the meaning of Nikolas-dan is the people's victory
vas'tatlar - proving ground
wey - no
yenn - red root tea
Yli aon Ter'tlo - Enas S'tlian's female striv student and classmate of Jos's
yta'n okaara - heart to heart