These are random quotes overheard in the corridors of Macedon, on Austro, and anywhere else around EarthHub. They'll be added to as time goes on. Enjoy!


From the mouth of Corporal Erret Dorr...

[to Nathan Jelilian...flight crews and jets enjoy a healthy antagonism]

"You sure there's an APC big enough to accommodate that head?"
"You mean you have relatives? I thought it was somethin' that you even got friends."

[about Jos]
"I never seen anyone be so much by themselves on a ship of thousands."
"He's got more lives than a litter of cats."

[to pirates]
"A prize like you can't die all at once."
"I damn well killed generals. I ain't gonna blink at you."
"I don't know who you think you're dealin' with, but we ain't the bloody Salvation Army."
[interrogating pirates]
"I shot your girl an' she deflated around the room."

[to various COs who try to boss him]
"I don't like you as a person, as a personality, or as an individual with a mind and a body. Sir."
"I think I've gone spontaneously deaf."

"I'm gonna give him a fist of facts."
"The CO was crappin' croutons."
"If he gets in my face, I'll unstupid him with my fist."
"Look Ma, all hands!"
"I beat him like an egg."
"I think it was Mac's first mission to find a good cook, 'cause hungry jets are angry jets."
"I kill people for a livin'."
"Well, we jets ain't lookin' for anybody's approval, so don't worry about givin' it."
"I not only pulled the wool over your eyes, I laid the whole bloody sheep on your head."

[in conversations with...]

Lieutenant Odette Hartman
[Hartman] "Dorr, keep bitching and I'm gonna make ya run laps."
[Erret] "Whose lap?"

Captain Azarcon
[Erret] "Assignments like that pay more too, don't they?"
[Azarcon] "Danger pay, Dorr, dont look so happy."

Nathan Jelilian (who is somewhat insomniac)
[Erret] "Yo, mano, dont you ever nod off?"
[Nathan] "Yah, when I'm at work."

Miscellaneous Uppity COs
[CO] "I dont hear a sir behind that."
[Erret] "And you won't."

[CO] "You know what your problem is?"
[Dorr] "I think I will in a second."


[interviewing a potential recruit]
"So what's your story? I only want to hear one — make it count."


"My mother had the 3 'i' rule. I was allowed to do what I wanted in my life as long as it wasn't: One, Inconsiderate...Two, Injurious...or Three, Idiotic."