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« on: September 08, 2011, 07:49:19 am »

Threads like this happen when I don't get enough sleep. *opens them left and right*  Roll Eyes

Okay, when you go into a bookstore (or search around the internet), what kind of cover is most likely to catch your eye? Or do you not care about the cover at all?
What do you like more: The simple, unicolored cover or the one with detailed cover art? How important is a cover to you?
Does it have to show a scene from the book/ be othervise related or can it be more abstract?
What is your favourite cover art?

All these very umportant questions and more will be discussed in this thread with the usual stint into the off topic of course.


For me, the cover is the first impression of the book... when I was younger I actually bought books because I thought the covers were pretty. Now the prettiness of a cover won't fool me anymore.  Wink Alas I do love a nice cover.
I prefer a cover art that has something to do with the story (I don't need to see the characters or a scene from the book, some kind of symbol will do, though) a ... except if it's a crime novel. It's okay if there is blood or a murder weapon or a landscape... as long as it isn't misleading aka if there isn't a crazy clown-murderer in it, then don't put a clown onto the cover. XP

What I don't like is when books start to look the same, because of the genre. At the moment there are vampire books everywhere and 60% of them look like the German version of Twilight, even if it doesn't fit the story, 30% have a shirtless guy on the cover, staring mysteriously at you and the rest has a variation of a beautiful woman with blood somewhere on her body (even if the vampire in the book is male)... and I think it's boring. Also, the werewolve-books kinda look the same. Just with yellow eyes and the occasional long fingernails.

I do love the covers of the most sci fi books I've seen lately... but perhaps I just like the look of spaceships and people in futuristic uniforms.  Grin

Another pet-problem of mine are book series and different covers. Especially English book series are difficult sometimes. I'm collecting a series with currently 9 books in different desings. Of course the story is the most important thing, but it looks weird in the bookshelf... and did I mention how much I love my bookshelves and how they're the only always-tidied-up thing in my room?  Grin 

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Hm, to be honest, I don't know which book covers I'm most attracted to. I'd have to spend an hour in the bookstore and monitor my browsing to figure that out. I do know that books set in space or a hostile planet, ESPECIALLY if a character is wearing a spacesuit/armor, will catch my eye. (Fun fact: this is partly the reason why I initially picked up Warchild all those years ago.)  Especially if I find the suit/armor very appealing. Same goes with fantasy books in which characters are wearing plate armor. Steampunk and books relating to the Fair Folk also often cause me to pause my bookshelf browsing, but I'm sure there are more.

I'd have to test this out, but I'm pretty sure the color schemes I'm most attracted to are book covers with lots of blues, silver/gray, dark greens, or pastel/tinted colors. Some black is often to be expected on scifi covers, but I really hate seeing it on every "paranormal teen romance novel" with vampires, werewolfs, witches, and a miriad of other things that I don't care about.

Another pet-problem of mine are book series and different covers. Especially English book series are difficult sometimes. I'm collecting a series with currently 9 books in different desings.

The only time I encounter that problem is when a series is published with different art in different English-speaking countries. Or sometimes multiple editions are printed over the years (I'm looking at you, Tolkien). I don't know how you're going about acquiring those books, but I'm guessing you're more likely to encounter that if you buy them online. Personally, I haven't yet encountered a series where the design scheme has changed completely mid-way through the series that wasn't a reprint. Out of curiosity, what series are you trying to collect?
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