Question: Which one/s is/are your favourite/s?
New Earth - 0 (0%)
Tooth and Claw - 0 (0%)
School Reunion - 2 (16.7%)
The Girl in the Fireplace - 4 (33.3%)
Rise of the Cybermen - 0 (0%)
The Age of Steel - 0 (0%)
The Idiot's Lantern - 0 (0%)
The Impossible Planet - 2 (16.7%)
The Satans Pit - 1 (8.3%)
Love & Monsters - 0 (0%)
Fear Her - 0 (0%)
Army of Ghosts - 2 (16.7%)
Doomsday - 1 (8.3%)
Total Voters: 5

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Author Topic: Favourite episode of Doctor Who (Season 2)  (Read 3045 times)
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« on: May 15, 2011, 12:34:11 pm »

I know we have at least three people here watching Doctor Who/Torchwood, so I thought we could do some polls. If someone wants to make "favourite Doctor/companion" polls, go ahead... I just want to know your favourite episodes.    Grin

So, you have three votes each, but you don't have to use them all. You can also change your choices anytime you like, cause sometimes you learn to love certain episodes with time.   Wink


Ten (David Tennant)
Rose Tyler
Mickey Smith
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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2011, 12:50:24 pm »

As season 2 IMO was the weakest one so far, story-wise, that one was not easy either.
First choice was easy, "School reunion". Mickey, Sarah Jane  Cry, K9 and the bitch fight that to the Doc's shock quickly turned into bonding.
This time I chose the two-part finale because it had it all, the action, (bad) TW, all those secondary characters from Rose's circle and of course the beautifully devastating end.
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« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2011, 01:37:36 pm »

School Reunion:
Was one of my favourites before, but now after Lis Sladens death it has a special place in my heart... oh the moment the Doctor recognizes Sarah Jane, the delight in his eyes... it's beautiful.

The Girl in the Fireplace:
It was the first DW episode which made me want to hide behind the sofa... the "Then what is that noise?" moment was scarier than the Weeping Angels for me. *shudder* Also, I rather liked Reinette and the whole timey whimey stuff.

My last vote goes to the first part of the finale just for this:

Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died. For the first nineteen years of my life nothing happened. Nothing at all. Not ever. And then I met a man called The Doctor. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end. That's what I thought. But then came the Army of Ghosts, then came Torchwood and the war. And that's when it all ended. This is the story of how I died.

I love(d) that speech.
The second part of the finale was just as good as the first part and heartbreaking to boot, but this little piece of monologue was what made the whole thing for me.
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« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2011, 09:06:43 pm »

I had a really hard time deciding because this is one of my favorite seasons I thought it was slightly stronger than most of RTD's other series (and I'm counting the DT specials as its own entity). With the exceptions of New Earth, Love & Monsters, and Fear Her, I really enjoyed the episodes, but in the end, I chose with my gut reaction.

The Girl in the Fireplace:
I loved the whole connection with the ship and Reinette, the interaction between the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey, and most especially the clockwork androids. And Reinette's theme brings me close to tears every time I hear it. It became especially near and dear to my heart after watching RTD's Casanova tv serial. While I'm usually a little uncomfortable with the recent romantic element on Doctor Who, I thought this was a beautiful love story and I found it touching. My heart twinges every time I hear Reinette call the Doctor her "lonely angel." So wonderful and so sad.

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit:
I just adore this two-parter. I really do. Perhaps it was the philosophical musings and the further relationship development between The Doctor and Rose. I really like how it gets my adrenaline going every single time I watch it. I actually cared about the minor characters, especially Ida. And I also like that THE DOCTOR KILLS THE DEVIL. He gets some more BA points in my book for that. xD Also, I also get an odd amount of pleasure out of The Doctor running around in a space suit.

I also really loved School Reunion, Army of Ghosts, and Doomsday. Such great episodes. Gosh, I love this season!
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