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Author Topic: Random Warchild Questions  (Read 16468 times)
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Sorry if any of this has been addressed before, but I came up with a few questions while I was flipping through Warchild last night. I landed on the part where the jets have been taken aboard the Khan and find out that Jos was a spy. While their reactions were understandable, I have to wonder what the aftermath was like with Jos staying on the Mac? They pretty much left him to die, Aki included - he might not have made it off the Khan if not for Evan. By Burndive everyone is getting along again, and Aki's getting into fights to stick up for Jos. I wondered what the interim must have been like. Did any of the jets apologize to Jos for how they reacted, or did Jos just let it slide without holding any kind of grudge? I'm really curious as to what life was on like on Mac between Warchild and Burndive.

Their leaving him to die wasn't PURELY intentional, they were still in battle mode and figured he could fend for himself. It was callous but at that point they were still on a pirate ship and they weren't going to haul his ass for him. In Book 4 you'll definitely see a little more of how that dynamic played out and maybe in an omake I'll go back and write it specifically instead of just implying it, but in the end of Warchild when Erret accepts him, that was a signal that the others would too (his friends at least...because we saw in Burndive not everyone liked Jos - they just didn't get in his face because of the captain and also because he could likely kill anyone in armed or unarmed combat if it came to that and they know it.) The implication was once Jos had Erret and the Captain on his side, the others would either stay out of his way or - as the case with the people that were his friends - try to understand him and give him a chance.

Erret decided to forgive him simply because the Captain does (he is that loyal), and because despite how he acts, he has a huge capacity for compassion and he understood Jos once he thought about it.

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" and maybe in an omake I'll go back and write it specifically instead of just implying it, but"

^--- This. I want this. Add it to the list  Wink <3.
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